15 Best Free Android Games Available Right Now!

One of the easiest reasons mobile games are popular is because they’re easily accessible. Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays, so anyone who wouldn’t even consider themselves gamers are drawn in by the addictive nature of games. Most mobile games are free and easily portable.

There are many best free android games are available in the Google Play Store, so it is very tough to choose which one to play. Below you can find some of the best free android games you can download and play right now.

In the list, you can find games from a mix of categories that includes First Person Shooter games, Story Mode Games, Role Playing Games, Strategy Games, Adventure Games, Racing Games, and more. There should be something on the list to suit everyone.

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Tencent’s Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG) was launched in 2017. PUBG MOBILE was downloaded 100M+ times, which makes it a top-grossing Android game in Google Play Store. The total size of the game is 1.6 GB, and you can run this game on Android 5.1.1 or above, having at least 2 GB RAM in it.

You can play the game in various modes, from 100 players classic mode to a lightning-fast arcade and 4v4 team deathmatch mode. You can play the game as a solo, duo, or in a 4 player squad. PUBG MOBILE offers both First Person & Third Person Shooting experience. Users have the option to choose from lots of realistic weapons and vehicles during the game.

Pubg Free Android Game


Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the best free android games you can download right now. The Call of Duty Mobile was developed by Activision, which offers various modes of gameplay for its users. From 100 Player Battle Royale to fast 5v5 team deathmatch, sniper vs. sniper battle, Call of Duty Mobile has it all.

As you play the game, you will unlock various famous characters, weapons, outfits, and gear pieces that you can use to customize your load-outs. Many iconic multiplayer maps, realistic graphics, sound, voice, and text chats will give you a thrilling experience. This game requires 1.5 GB of free space and 2 GB of RAM to run smoothly. Download Call of Duty Mobile Now!


Clash of Clans 

One of the most popular strategy games available in the Play Store. This game was developed by Supercell and had 500M+ downloads already. It is a free android game with plenty of in-game upgrades. In this game, players can create their clan or join a clan of other players. Players can then work together to earn various magic items. They can fight with other clans as a team against other players across the globe.

Players can also defend their village from enemy clans by using various canons, bombs, traps, etc. You can also discover new buildings and characters in the mysterious gaming world of Clash of Clans. This game requires only 140 MB of free space to download and play. Download Clash of Clans Now!


Garena Free Fire Wonderland 

Another best free android game you can download from Play Store. Garena Free Fire Wonderland, known as Free Fire, is a survival game developed by Garena International. In this ultimate survival shooting game, 50 players pit against each other in a 10-minute game.

You can play this game as a 4 man squad as well. With easy controls and realistic graphics and sound, you can experience a truly thrilling experience throughout the game. You need 509 MB of free space to download this game. Download Garena Free Fire Wonderland Now!


Asphalt 8 Airborne

If you want to download the best free android racing game, you should download Asphalt 8 Airborne fun real racing game. Gameloft developed this game, and it was downloaded 100M+ times from the Play Store. In Asphalt 8, you will experience the most realistic racing experience where you can race against upto 8 real-world players.

This game has more than 220 cars and bikes, including Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ferrari, Porsche, and more. You can race in 40 different high-speed tracks in 16 different settings. It offers 9 seasons and 400 events in career mode with plenty of challenges. With extraordinary controls with realistic graphics and sound, it is one of the best free android games for speed lovers. Download Asphalt 8 Airborne Now!



Township is one of the best free android games if you love Simulation and City Building games. Playrix developed this game, and already 100M+ users downloaded this game from the Play Store. Township will let you build your dream town to harvest crops at the farm, process, and sell them to develop your town. In a game, you can trade with other countries, build many upgrades like cinemas, restaurants, and other community buildings.

You can also collect animals from around the world and run your zoo. While playing you can even explore mines to collect various resources and artifacts for your town. You also can compete with other people from all over the world. All you need is an internet connection and 140 MB of free space to download and enjoy this amazing game. Download Township Now!



 If you want to dive into a virtual world where you can do anything you want, then Roblox is for you. This game offers a virtual world where you can play, create and be anything you want. In-game, you can meet millions of players worldwide and join and play with them in various events.

You can create your character and upgrade your character as you wish. Players can buy different items like clothes, furniture and more. You will need a network connection and at least 94 MB of free space to play this game. Download Roblox Now!


8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool by Miniclip is one of the best free android games you can play with your family and friends and enjoy it together. With over 500M+ downloads, it is the most famous pool game for android users. You can play either 1vs1 or 8 player tournaments in this game. Sign in using social media accounts like Facebook or Google, and you can challenge your friends.

Win against them and level up to improve your ranking, which will give you access to more locations where you can play against the best pool players around the globe. You need 53 MB of free space to download and play this game. Download 8 Ball Pool Now!



FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer is one of the most popular soccer games for android users. This game was developed by Electronic Arts and was downloaded over 100M+ times. FIFA Soccer lets you create your dream team, which you can use in this game to play against other players in real-time.

You can compete in more than 650 events, take part in famous competitions. You can level up your player by using various upgrades available. It would help if you had a proper internet connection and at least 79 MB of space to download this game. Download FIFA Soccer Now!


Landlord Tycoon

Landlord is a real-world monopoly game where you compete with players worldwide to become the ultimate property tycoon. It is one of the best free strategy games for android where you can invest, buy and sell real-life properties and earn profits from them. You can trade your properties, upgrade them to increase the profit. This game uses your internet and GPS to show you the properties near you which you can buy.

You also have the option to buy global properties by placing bids on the market. When you play this game, you will feel like a real businessman; you will learn about various things about trading and finance. To enjoy this game, you need an internet connection and just 36 MB of free space. Download Landlord Tycoon Now!



Granny is a new android game that offers you unique gameplay where you have to escape from Granny to save your life. This game is a mixture of Horror & puzzles which will give you a lot of enjoyment. The controls are simple. You can also download Granny: Chapter Two, which is the sequel of Granny.

In Chapter 2, you have to escape from both Granny and Grandpa. And you have only 5 days to escape. You should have at least 100 MB of free space to download and play this game. Download Ganny, Granny: Chapter Two Now!


Head Ball 2

Head Ball 2 by Masomo Gaming offers new fun and thrilling soccer game experience for its users. In a 90-second action-packed soccer game, your target is to score as many goals as possible to win the game. You can choose your character from 96 unique upgradeable characters.

As you play, you will unlock different stadiums and many fans to support you. Players can compete in 5 different soccer leagues in this game. You need at least 81 MB of space on your device to download this amazing soccer game. Download Head Ball 2 Now!


Talking Tom Hero Dash

If you love Endless Running games like Subway Surfer and Temple Run, but you want to make the gameplay more fun, then Talking Tom Hero Dash is one the best games you can download. In this game, you start with the character Tom. Become a superhero and save your friends – Angela, Hank, Ben & Ginger. When you save them one by one, you can also play with them.

Players can upgrade their superheroes, rescue the other heroes, and restore the City by defeating the Raccoons who want to destroy and pollute the world. You should have at least 89 MB of free space to download this game. Download Talking Tom Hero Dash Now!


Criminal Case

If you love detective games and puzzles, then Criminal Case is the game for you. With over 100M+ downloads, it is one of the most famous crime investigation games for android users.

In this game, you can solve various murder cases and puzzles, including finding hidden objects, investigating crime scenes for clues, analyzing evidence, and many more. You need 58 MB of free space to download this game. Download Criminal Case Now!


Ludo King

If you want to play a game that you enjoy with your family and friends and have fun and quality times together, Ludo King is one of the best free android games you can download. It is one of the most addictive board games you can play in online and offline mode. To download this game, you need at least 41 MB of free space on your device. Download Ludo King Now!


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