Best Audio Editing Software

The Best Music and Audio Editing Software

Audio editing software is used for editing and creating audio data. It can be used as a computer application, web application, or loadable kernel module. By using the software, we can edit any audio file of various formats and store it in our computers as digital audio. We can Apply effects like compression, expansion, flanging audio noise reductionreverb, equalization, etc. Audio editing software is commonly used in film and production industries. Whether it is a TV show, a film, or an advertisement, each and every field uses it. These software are an essential part of the editing crew. There are many audio editing software available. Now let us discuss about them in the article.

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Top 10 Best Audio Editing Software:

#1 Adobe Audition

This software is one of the best audio editing software in 2020. Adobe Audition comes with some of the most interesting features like multi-track editing and mixing, which allows you to mix and edit more than audio track. In similar terms, the software allows you to combine one or more audio tracks and edit it as per the needs.

Adobe Audition
Adobe Audition

Another interesting feature about Adobe Audition is that it has a feature known as ‘Auto Ducking,’ which allows you to lower the background voice of a particular place in the audio so that the vocals or speech sounds clearer. The audio software is available for Windows as well as Mac OS. Adobe Audition supports file formats like WAV, AIF, AC-3, AIFF, AIFC, HE-AAC, CAF, AAC, etc.

Price: Starts at $20.99 per month (a free trial is available )

#2 Audacity

Audacity is the best free audio editing software available in the market. It is open-source software and easily accessible. The software has features like bass, distortion, treble, noise removal, etc. It also has some inbuilt tools like beat finder, sound finder, silence finder, etc. Although it is free software, Audacity is full of exciting features such as envelope tool, a time shift tool, etc.


This software supports almost all the audio file formats like MP3, WAV, PCM, AIFF, OGG Vorbis, AC3, AMR, FLAC, WMA, MP4, etc. The best thing about the software is that it is easy to use. It is best suited for beginners. The software supports Windows, Linux as well as macOS. Because of all the above mentions features, Audacity is regarded as one of the best audio editing software in the market.

Price: Free of cost.

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#3 Logic Pro X

If you are a Mac OS user, then Logic Pro X must be your first choice. Logic Pro X is designed only for Mac OS. It is one of the best audio editing software for Mac. The software has many exciting features regarding basic audio editing and video editing. Logic Pro X is designed to use by beginners as well as professionals. It has a tool called ‘Flex Time,’ which lets you edit the timing of a single note in the wavefront.

Logic Pro X
Logic Pro X

There are other tools, such as Flex Pitch, arpeggiator, and tons of pre-recorded sound. The arpeggiator is used for converting chords into arpeggios automatically. Logic Pro X supports audio formats like AIFF, CAF, WAV, ALAC, AAC, MP3, REX, PCM, RCY, etc. It is one of the best audio editing software.

Price: $199.99

#4 Reaper

Reaper is an extremely powerful and fully featured audio editing software. It supports multiple tracks and has exceptional multi-channel support with 64 channels on each track. Reaper records audio to mono, stereo, or multi-channel audio files. It also can record multiple disks at the same time.


The software support file formats like AIFF, QT, BWF, CDDA, EDL, KAR, AVI, MOGG, FLAC, MOV, MP3, ACID, MPEG, OGG OPUS, MIDI, RADAR, OGG VORBIS, REX2, W64, WAV, wavpack, SYX, WMV, etc. Reaper as a customizable and easy user interface. It is available for Mac OS as well as Windows OS. No doubt, it is one of the best audio editing software.

Price: Starts at $60 ( a free trial is available )

#5 Ableton Live

Ableton Live is one of the best audio editing software in the market. The name of this software is similar to music production. It has unlimited inbuilt unlimited audio and MIDI tracks. The software also supports MIDI capture, 256 mono input channels, and 256 mono output channels. And with the software, you get up to 70GB of pre-recorded sounds, up to 15 software instruments, and up to 46 audio effects.

Abeltone Live
Abeltone Live

It has a user-friendly UI and is specially designed for beginners. Some of the drawbacks of the software are: There is no pitch correction, and adding effects such as fades. Ableton Live, especially for electronic music production. The software supports file formats like OGG Vorbis, WAV, AIFF, FLAC, AIFF-C, PCM, RIFF, MP3, etc. Ableton Live is available for Windows as well as Mac OS.

Price: Starts at $99 (a free trial is available)

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#6 FL Studio

FL Studio has a big name because it is used by artists like Martin Garrix and Porter Robinson. The FL Studio supports multi-track recording, pitch shifting, and time stretching. It also has features like effects, chains, automation, delay compensation, etc. FL Studio comes with over 80 plug-ins for sample compression, manipulation, synthesis, etc.

FL Studio
FL Studio

The software supports file formats like AIFF, DS, FLAC, DWP, MP3, MIDI, OGG, Speech, SYN, XI, SF2, and WAV. The software is best for music production and is loaded with different features. FL Studio is available for Windows as well as Mac OS. It is one of the best audio editing software in the market.

Price: Starts at $99 (a free trial is available )

#7 Presonus Studio One

Presonus Studio One is one of the best audio editing software in the market. It is a versatile DAW that comes with a bunch of interesting and useful features. With the software’s Chord Track feature, one can easily make a quick prototype of songs and get an idea of what they sound like. Other features include key modulation, chord substitution, etc.


Presonus Studio One has an interesting feature called as ‘new Impact XT drum module.’ This is the improved version of the Impact drum module. This feature brings more than 20 new features such as beat quantization and real-time stretching. Many audio editing software are available for laptops, PCs, mobile phones. Presonus Studio one is one of the best audio editing software for pc. The software is available for Mac OS and Windows OS.

Price: Starts at $99 (a free trial is available )

#8 Hindenburg Pro

Hindenburg Pro is available for Windows as well as Mac OS. It is non-destructive, multiple recording software with a huge list of interesting features such as compressors, loudness meters, EQs, and also supports third-party plug-ins. The software can import 24-bit audio files.

Hindenburg Pro
Hindenburg Pro

The software can automatically set up your preferred voice profile without having to tweak things too much by using one of its features called an EQ feature. It supports file formats like mp3, AIFF, and Apple Lossless. Hindenburg Pro is one of the best audio editing software in the market. The software has an easy user interface with beneficial features to use.

Price: Starts at $95 (a free trial is available )

#9 Ardour

Ardour is a powerful audio editing software with a massive amount of exciting features. The best thing about the software is that it is available for Windows, Mac OS as well as Linux. So, you can use it in a variety of computer systems.


The software has undo and redo options, which lets you correct your mistakes and bring the original audio track as it is. Other mixing features include EQ, faders, automation, monitors, etc. Ardour is completely a cross-platform and a good option for beginners. Although the user interface is not that good, many users use it because of its undo and redo features. 

Price: Free to use. For using full features, the user has to pay $1

#10 Cubase

Used by artists like Zedd and Junkie XL, Cubase is one of the best audio editing software in the market. It comes with some of the interesting features. The software comes with a frequency equalizer that enables you to perform very delicate frequency edits. Cubase’s ‘Plugin Sentinel’ can scan your plug-ins and ensure that they will not harm the system.


There is a feature called ‘Audio-ins’ that lets you use filters and effects separately on your audio tracks. The software offers a free trial so that you can decide to continue with the software or not. It is available for Windows as well as Mac OS. 

Price: Starts at $92.07 (a free trial is available)

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Audio editing is an integral part of the film line. The produced audio must be flawless as must sound good to ears. Above is the list of top 10 best audio editing software in 2020. Here, we can conclude that there are various software available in the market for editing and mixing the audio files. High-Quality audio editing features are available with these software. These features will surely help you in editing your audio files with ease.

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