7 Best Free Drawing Software for Windows and Mac

Drawing is a thing that we start learning since our childhood. Many individuals grow their skills in this. The traditional way of drawing is to hold a pencil or color and draw. As the technology is growing, we are coming up with new tools or software. Drawing software and best photo editing software is one of them. You can draw anything on your pc or laptop with the help of these software. There are various drawing software available online. Some are free to use, and some come with a paid subscription.

7 Best Free Drawing Software in the List

1. Paint.NET

The time you started using a computer, you are familiar with Paint.NET. It is the most commonly used free software for drawing and painting purposes. This is one of the best free drawing software in the market. This digital software perfect with tasks like drawing volumetric models, moving objects, and transparent structures.

Paint.NET is favorite among many individuals because of its simplicity and easy to use features. There are various tools for blurring, sharpening, styling, and noise reduction. You can also use plugins with this software. This free paint program allows you to get images from the scanner and enhance it. It is the best free drawing software for windows.



  • Unlimited history
  • Edit multiple images
  • Automatic updates
  • Extensive language support
  • Various editing tools


  • Easy to use
  • Online support
  • Useful tutorial
  • Easy user interface
  • Various effects and features


  • Limited brushwork
  • Burn & dodge is not available
  • No undo option for the text after adding the effect

Link to download Paint.NET:



GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is an open-source drawing software that is free to use. It is one of the best free drawing software in the market. GIMP can be used in Windows OS, Mac OS as well as Linux OS. It is a powerful and flexible tool for creating your imagination live on screen.

The software has features like layers, color grading, masks, smart selection, filters, brushes, etc. You can also use plugins with GIMP. This software is precisely a free alternative for photoshop. The software also includes different brushes, which are very helpful in enhancing your drawing.



  • Digital retouching
  • Customizable interface
  • Photo enhancement
  • Hardware support
  • Supports different file formats


  • Easy user interface
  • Graphic tablet support
  • Create plugins
  • Supports PSD files
  • Individual file storage format


  • Difficult to use
  • The user interface is bit messy
  • Fewer features as compared to the paid version

Link to download GIMP:


3. Artweaver free

Artweaver free is a great free software that allows users to create beautiful digital drawings. It has a feature of taking input from the touchscreen too along with mouse and stylus; this makes it one of the best free drawing software.  It is excellent software across all age groups. Your kid can spend hours on it practicing his drawing skills.

When he finishes doing it, you can also find all the essential features that are required for creating your masterpiece to pursue your hobby. You are offered with the wide variety of brushes, various filters as well as the graphics in multiple formats to bring out the best from your drawing. It is compatible with the various versions of Windows OS from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Hence it is undoubtedly one of the best free drawing software for windows.



  • Contains plugins pack which contains additional filters
  • Allows drawing textures
  • Availability of filters
  • Supports a wide range of inputs
  • Variety of editing tools


  • Offers a wide range of creative brushes
  • It is Layer based
  • Contains creative painting tools
  • Very small Installation File of size less than 20 MB


  • A slightly poor working with the text
  • Problematic drawing working with the stamp tool

Link to download Artweaver Free:


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4. MyPaint

MyPaint was created with an intension to provide a free platform for all the serious artists out there. It is available for various Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. So, it can be considered as one of the best free drawing software.

It supports various inputs, including a touchscreen too. You can select from various brushes to create some beautiful drawings. Its stand out feature is a tool called ‘Notepad,’ where you can try how different brushes paint prior to use them in your drawing.



  • Simple Interface
  • Unlimited Canvas sizes
  • Highly Customizable
  • Graphic Editor supported for beginners


  • Support for layers
  • Works on various platforms
  • Free option for anime artists


  • Sharp lines are not smooth
  • Undo feature is quite slow
  • Abrupt learning curve

Link to download MyPaint:


5. Microsoft Paint 3D

It is an advanced version of the classic version of Microsoft Paint. It has to be there in the list of best free drawing software because of the 3D feature it brings into the play. As the name suggests, it is a product by Microsoft. It comes by default with the Windows 10 devices. Hence, it is the best free drawing software for windows.

It supports all the features that you get with classic software, but the best one is using a 3D feature. With the 3D model, you will get a more fun experience. After drawing the 3D shapes, you can rotate these and view them from different angles.

Microsoft Paint 3D
Microsoft Paint 3D


  • Supports creation of user’s choice 3D drawings
  • Multi-model positioning at different depths
  • Supports the printing of your drawing with the 3D printer
  • The creation process can be undone and repeated


  • Able to convert simple drawings to 3D models
  • Capable of creating the animation of the drawing
  • Allows sharing of 3D drawings online


  • The thickness of the 3D effect cannot be controlled
  • Lacks standard picture editing tool

Link to download Microsoft Paint 3D:


6. Krita

It is a top-quality drawing software that is liked by most of the professionals because of the creative tools it has. Hence, it finds a place in the best free drawing software list. Using Krita is very easy, and you can simply use it from a casual drawing to illustration purposes. It is widely used for comics and manga.

It has a selection wheel feature that is displayed whenever you right-click anywhere on the canvas. From this, you can pick a new tool and make color selection quicker. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. But it is one of the best free drawing software for Mac.



  • Contains panel templates and halftone filters
  • Brushes are customizable
  • Customized brushes can be saved for future use


  • Supports HDR
  • Number of Brushes available
  • Layers availability


  • The text tool is inconvenient
  • Images retouching tools are not available

Link to download Krita:


7. Mischief

Mischief has upgraded itself to the newer version. With the more original version, it provides the unlimited canvas and amazing brushes to enter the list of best free drawing software. It features the ability to get an image with well-detailed areas and highlighted parts.

It is available for both Windows and Mac OS. Hence it is considered an excellent choice for free drawing software for Windows and Mac.



  • Supports stretching of canvas to the desired size.
  • Trackpad support for Mac Devices
  • Two new custom swatch color palettes
  • Zoom-in option
  • Multi-touch support
  • Elements are located across the screen


  • Gives access to unlimited canvas
  • Updated free version
  • Scalable brushes and canvas
  • Multiple brushes and their types
  • Larger canvas


  • UI is not that tidy
  • Lacks the standard brushes.

Link to download Mischief:


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For the person of any age group, drawing is something that brings peace to their mind. When you are happy you draw your happy memories, when you are sad, you draw your sorrows, and when you are alone, you draw your loneliness. So, whatever is the case, drawing is a blessing.

So, we brought into the picture the top 7 software in the list of best free drawing software. With this drawing software, you can give a new life to your imagination. We have listed all the features, pros, and cons of each drawing software.

As per your convenience and choice of feature, you can select the one and start drawing your heart out.

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