Top 10 Best Project Management Software

Using spreadsheets for managing your project data and updating it from time to time is a bit lengthy and time-consuming. For making our work fast and efficient, we need to use some best project management software. There is plenty of project management software available in the market. By using them, we can easily do our work in less time.

Many aspects regarding the project management need special care and attention. That is why project management software are there for our help. The below explained are some of the best project management software in the market. Let us discuss them in brief.

Top 10 Best Project Management Software:

#1 Teamwork Projects

Teamwork projects are one of the best project management software for managing projects efficiently. The software allows you to do teamwork, collaboration, and communication effortlessly. It includes the tools required for managing and tracking the project with ease. The software has features like task management, messaging, time tracking tool, Milestone, File storage, etc.

Teamwork Projects
Teamwork Projects

You can try Teamwork Projects for free, nut the paid version comes with many more features as compared to the trial version. The price of the software is between $69 per month to $269 per month. Being on the list of top 10 best project management software makes teamwork project more trustworthy.

Link to download Teamwork projects :

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#2 Basecamp

The software is very popular among the project management teams. Basecamp provides different software for managing and tracking your project details and timings. You can differentiate the projects and add works regarding them separately. This feature will help you to manage your projects efficiently.


This software keeps everything managed and notifies you to do works. You can make a list of works that you want to do regarding the particular project. Basecamp comes with features like file storage, automatic check-in questions, messaging option, schedules, to-do lists, docs, and real-time group chats. It constantly notifies you about the works you need to do.

You can try this software for free. A 30 days free trial is available. The limitation of this option is that you will be provided very few or limited features that you can use for managing your project. The paid software costs $99 per month. Basecamp is regarded as one of the best project management software for managing and tracking your projects.

Link to download Basecamp:

#3 Wrike

Wrike is a cloud-based project management software that serves major business companies like Google, L’oreal, Mars, Hawaiian airlines, etc. It helps you to keep track of day-to-day operations and keep an eye on the workflow which must be followed and completed within the deadline.


The software can be integrated with other tools like Microsoft Excel, Dropbox, etc. It serves high-level features for managing and tracking the projects. That is why it comes under the list of best project management software. Wrike offers a free version as well as a paid version.

The paid version comes with a professional version ( 5-15 users, $9.80 per user per month ), business version ( 5-200 users, $24.80 per user per month ) and the version for marketers ( $34.60 per user per month ). The paid versions also come with free trials. 

Link to download Wrike:

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#4 ProofHub

ProofHub is one of the best project management software in the market. It offers you the tools that help manage and track your projects. Mainly, the software is for small and growing businesses. proofHub provides features like Task management, Custom roles, Time tracking, Chat, Discussions, workflow, File management, etc.


The best thing about this software is that it does not charge you per user. It has a static price. You can try the free trial of ProofHub with no asking for credit cards. The price varies with no. Of projects and storage needed to the software. The price ranges from $45 per month to $99 per month. 

Link to download ProofHub:

#5 Zoho Projects

Zoho projects come with a straightforward and simple user interface. It provides features like Project Planning, Gantt Charts, Reporting Tools, Document Management, and Collaboration Software. This project management software is used for managing and simply tracking your projects.

Zoho Projects
Zoho Projects

By using this software you will never miss any important work and you will complete it on time. The user can set different tasks regarding the project and write comments for them for better understanding. It has an interesting feature known as KANBAN in which you can see the completion percentage of your work. 

Zoho projects have a free plan ( 1 project and 10 MB storage ), an express plan ( $28.22 per month ), a premium plan ( $56.43 per month ) and an enterprise plan ( $90.29 per month ).

Link to download Zoho projects:

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#6 Podio

Another best project management software example is Podio. Podio is regarded as the best online collaboration tool in 2016. The software helps in managing and tracking the workflow of your project. The main focus of this software is on communication and organizational purpose. You can set the sequence of work and the software will notify you within time.


You can set up a task management flow and file storage system. Its price ranges from $9 per month to $24 per month. Podio provides services to companies like Sony, Deloitte, Volvo, NFL, Time Warner Cable, etc. The software provides you easy admin, fast communication, custom structure, etc. It has features like Granular access, unlimited storage, integrated chat, automated workflows, data visualization, personal dashboard, connected CRM, etc. It is regarded as one of the best project management software.

Link to download Podio:

#7 is one of the best project management software in the market. It is used for scheduling your work on different projects. It provides a highlighting feature through which you can highlight elements like text, location, time management, etc.


You can easily share the important work stuff with your team members in just one click. The user interface of is very simple and straightforward. The plans for this software are based on no. of users and the size of the company. The basic plan costs $19.19 ( 2 users per month )and the pro plan costs $44.02 ( 2 users per month )

Link to download

Project management software review (Techradar) :

“ A winning combination of clever tools and accessible features “

#8 Workfront

Workfront offers customizable dashboards, real-time reporting, and visibility on tasks and operations. It has a simple user interface that is easily understood by new users. The software can be integrated by other systems like Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook, Adobe creative cloud, etc. Workfront is regarded as one of the best project management software in 2020. You can get a free demo of the software on its official site. The actual pricing of these packages is only available on request.


Link to download Workfront:

#9 Microsoft Project 2019 Professional

Microsoft project 2019 professional is one of the best project management software as it is a product of Microsoft. This project management software( Microsoft ) is capable of planning projects, collaborations, tracking the projects, etc. The software is easily available on the official site of Microsoft. It is very easy to use and very flexible. The price of the Microsoft project 2019 professional is $135.11.

Microsoft Project Professional 2019
Microsoft Project Professional 2019

Link to download the Microsoft project 2019 professional:


It is an award-winning software with a very interesting feature which will help you to manage numerous projects at once. The features include task management, tracking the project, timesheets, Gantt charts, real-time dashboards, etc. For a single user, the price of the software is $35 per month.


If there is a team of 10 users, then it will cost $20 per user per month and if it is a team of 30 users, then it will cost $25 per user per month. An enterprise package is also available for Its pricing is known only after placing a request.

Link to download

Project management software comparison:

One of the top alternatives for Wrike is ProofHub

ProofHub is better than Wrike in terms of the followings:

  • Task management
  • Proofing
  • Workflow
  • Reports
  • Gantt charts
  • Time tracking
  • White labeling
  • Notes


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Project management is an important aspect of every business and organization. The above-given list consists of the best project management software which will help the users in managing and tracking their projects. To select the best project management software, the user must take into consideration; the factors like business size and team size. We can say that these project management software are the reason behind the success of the projects. From the above list, we can conclude that; ProofHub is the best project management software of all. It has a good set of tools, the right price for the set of tools, and is cost-efficient.

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