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The base of any movie or television program is its screen and storyline. Screenwriter plays an essential role in the industry. Being a screenwriter, you come up with lots of ideas, and you need to write them somewhere. Not just writing a screen is enough, you need to format it, edit it, and make some changes in words and storyline. In earlier times, people use to write the screen on paper, but in modern times the writers got the facility of screenwriting or screenwriting software.

By using the screen writing software, one can format and edit their screens. These online software has eliminated the need of typing the texts manually. By using the screen writing software, the screenwriter can add action, scene headings, dialogue, transitions, sluglines, character names, etc. There are a variety of screenwriting software available in the market. Some are free to use, and some are payable. Let us now discuss some of the best screenwriting software available in the market.

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1. Celtx

Celtx is a cloud-based software used for screen writing or screenwriting. It is a media pre-production software with a cross-platform. Many writers consider this as the best screenwriting software as it is easy to use and provides convenient features for enhancing your screens. The software helps you to create a screen with better content.

As the software is cloud-based, you can access your work from anywhere, and at any time in just a few clicks. Celtx is best for the screenwriters who put their fresh ideas in and get a full-fledged piece of work quickly. It is used for creating, and editing works like Screenplays, documentaries, podcasts, videos, films, games, etc.

Best Scriptwriting software


  • Easy user interface
  • Online and offline mode is available
  • For better organization, it only creates a single master file for use
  • One can tag elements within screens
  • Cloud-based software
  • Used for real-time collaboration


  1. Scriptwriting plan: $20 per month ( The user can also pay annually )
  2. Video production plan: $30 per month ( The user can pay annually )
  3. Game production plan: $30 per month ( Billing is annual)


  • Very efficient
  • Easy user interface
  • Auto formatting option is available
  • Exports your work in PDF format


  • PDF scanned screens are not exported without OCR conversion
  • No free trial or free version is available
  • Bugs in copy-paste option

Link to download Celtx:

2. WriterDuet 

WriterDuet is one of the best Script writing software in the market. It is used for writing and editing screenplays. It also allows you to edit a video as well. WriterDuet has a real-time collaboration of writers from different locations. WriterDuet is best for screenwriters who require real-time collaboration to write down their ideas.

The software is mostly used in making educational videos. Although it is a paid software, it comes with three free screens when you sign in to the software. The software mainly focuses on the screening part rather than expanding the production needs. Both Celtx and WriterDuet are the best screenwriting softwarefor the new screenwriters who want to learn and explore screenwriting. 



  • Free to sign up
  • Highly customizable
  • In-built tutorials available
  • Easy user interface
  • You can track all your edits
  • Integrated with SSL certification
  • Supports multiple browsers
  • Provides many services in offline mode too


  1. First plan: $11.99 per month ( User can pay in annually )
  2. Second plan: $199 for a lifetime (One-time payment )


  • Supports real-time collaboration
  • Easy user interface
  • Auto formatting option available


  • Cost is high
  • Few tools are available for Long term works
  • Very few templates are available

Link to download WriterDuet:

3. Final Draft

Final Draft is an award-winning Screenwriting software. It is termed as one of the best screen writing software in the market. The software gives you unlimited space for organizing your ideas and customizing them to get the best results. Final Draft is a paid software and also comes with a 30-days free trial. Although it is a bit costly, paying the price for the remarkable features is worth it.

Final Draft is the highest-selling screenwriting software in the market. The software is best for television programs and high budget motion pictures. Nearly every show and the program uses it. It was also used in the Oscar-winning movie ‘The shape of water.’ It is called as ‘Industry standard’ for screenwriting. The best thing about the software is that it is continuously updated with new features.

Final Draft


  • Supports text-to-speech
  • Compatible with Windows, OSX, and iOS
  • Provides 100 different templates
  • Allows collaboration in real-time
  • Automatic file backup option is available
  • Option for automatically format the raw screen into industry standard
  • In-built reformat tool


  1. The software costs $249.99 ( full license ).
  2. If you wish to upgrade the software, you will need to pay an extra charge of $99.99 ( per upgrade)


  • Proper formatting
  • Easy to use
  • Easy user interface
  • Real-time collaboration
  • The software keeps on upgrading with new features


  • The software is highly expensive
  • The update is not free
  • The user interface is a bit difficult for new users

Link to download Final Drift:

4. Movie Magic Screenwriter

It is 30% cheaper than Final Draft. Movie Magic Screenwriter is an award-winning software with amazing features for screenwriting. You can refer to online videos for using it. Users can download a free demo version of the software to try it. A remarkable thing for the software is that it is used in the hit series ‘Pirates of Caribbean’.

It is the best screen writing software for professional screenwriters. Although The software is used by film industry people, it can also be used for education-related screens. The best thing about the software is that it is highly customizable regarding changing the layout and modifying the user interface. 

Movie Magic Screenwriter 6


  • Very flexible
  • You can tag characters and locations
  • Real-time collaboration tool
  • You can easily organize, access, view, edit, and screen your ideas
  • Provides text-to-speech feature
  • Formats screen in industry format
  • Highly customizable regarding modifying the interface and changing the layout


  1. Movie Magic ( version 6 ): $169 and its upgrade price is $89.95 
  2. It is available for Mac as well as Windows
  3. Movie Magic ( version 6.5 ): Upgrade cost $69.95
  4. It is available only for Mac


  • Easy to use
  • Colour coding 
  • Works simultaneously with many other programs
  • Side by side screenplay
  • 30% cheaper than Final Draft


  • Collaboration is quite weak
  • Costly as compared with provided features
  • No new versions available

Link to download Movie Magic Screenwriter:

5. Trelby

Trelby is regarded as one of the best screenwriting software in the market. Previously it was known as ‘Blyte.’ Trelby is an open-source screenwriting software for the writers. The software is compatible with both Windows as well as Linux operating system and is currently available on Github. It comes with a built-in PDF generator, which helps to generate your files in PDF format.

The best thing about this screenwriting software is that it is totally free of cost, you don’t need to pay any amount for using it. Rather than screen writing, Trelby is also used for tutorials, demonstrations, and other educational purposes. Because of its open-source platform, the software comes with many updates. By using the software, you can format, spell check, compare, and auto-complete your raw screen. As the software is free to use, we can say that it is one of the most convenient and best screenwriting software at present.



  • User-friendly and easy user interface
  • Built-in screenplay editor
  • Inbuilt function for comparing the screens
  • Compatible with many platforms
  • Inbuilt PDF generator
  • Inbuilt character name database
  • System requirements are minimal
  • Pricing:

Trelby is an open-source software tool, and it is free of cost. You can get it quickly on Github.


  • Easy user interface
  • Free to use
  • Many personalization options
  • Efficient for writing Hollywood screens
  • Character statistics


  • No option for collaboration
  • Limited options
  • No revision tracking
  • No option for BOLD

Link to download Trelby:

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Here we are concluding with some of the best screen writing software which are available in the market. The screen writing software are beneficial for a screenwriter or a screenwriter in terms of editing and formatting the screen. 

best screen writing software for an individual will be the one that will fulfill his / her requirements in a particular budget. Every screenwriter has his / her requirements regarding the screen writing features. So, before downloading or buying any screen writing software, do check its features if they are matching to your needs on not. If you have a reasonable budget, you can go for Final Draft. Trelby is the best option if you want a free screen writing software.

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