5 Best Free Speech to Text Software

Technology has driven our lives very far. Because of technology, we can save much time and do work very quickly. One of the most useful techniques is the speech to text software. With these speech to text software, you can translate voice into text. Therefore by using your voice you can create notes which will save you lots of time. Speech to text software work with speech recognition technology that converts spoken sentences to written sentences. That is when you talk about something, this software convert voice recording to written words.

Best Speech to Text Software Available in the Market

There are various software available in the market. Some are free to use, and some are on a paid basis. Some best speech to text software are totally free to use.

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1. Dragon home

Many individuals around the globe use the software because of its simplicity and easy to handle user interface. Dragon home is one of the best speech to text software in the market. The software is specially designed for PCs. It carries out the task of setting reminders, making notes, calling someone, sending emails, etc. The software transcript your voice to text with almost 99% accuracy.

Dragon Home
Dragon Home

You can transform your ideas into text at some seconds. You just have to speak and watch your words appear on the screen. The software converts your voice 3x times faster than you can type manually. . And then these features ensure that the text is given accurately immediately you provide the speech. Dragon home is compatible with both Windows and Mac. Dragon Home is the most intelligent speech recognition software for home use. You can even collaborate with two different software at the same time. For example, say “Search Google for orchid plants”, and Dragon home will make it happen.


  • Next-generation speech engine that leverages deep learning technology
  • Converts voice into text very fast
  • Features like ‘’Block of the text’’ and “play that back” for proofreading and editing what you have said
  • Easy to use
  • High-speed installation process

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2. IBM speech to text

According to IBM, it is a cloud-native solution that uses deep-learning AI algorithms to apply knowledge about grammar, language structure, and audio/voice signal composition to create customizable speech recognition for optimal text transcription.IBM speech to text is one of the best speech to text software in the market. The best thing about the IBM speech to text software is that it can translate the audio from 7 languages into text. The accuracy level of the software is commendable and loved by most of the users.

IBM Speech to Text
IBM Speech to Text

This software also works with low-quality audio to identify the topic that the user is talking about and is able to identify different speakers in your audio and convert the audio to the text as needed. IBM speech to text has a simple interface to work with and is easily navigable. Because of these reasons, you can save your time and energy in getting your work done in the fastest possible time. Another interesting fact about the software is that it can be used online. You don’t need to download it separately. You just need to login to the website and start using it. The pricing include lite, pay-as-you-go, reversed instance and subscription. You can also use the software with a free trial pack.


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple audio transmission choices
  • Real-time audio diagnostics
  • Multi-language support
  • Word spotting and filtering
  • Interim transcription before the final result

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3. Listnote speech to text

Listnote is the free audio to text converter app available for android. You just need to speak whatever to want to make a note. The only requirement for the app is that it needs Google voice search for speech to text functionality to work. Most devices come with pre-installed Google voice search. If you don’t like the speech recognition functions, the app is still fully functional without it. Unlike the other apps and software, listnote only functions for making notes. You do not need to write manually.


Listnote will recognize your voice and types whatever you say. The main motto of this application is to quickly write down your ideas with minimal mistakes. The app has a simple and clear user interface. Because of this, many android users opt this app for making notes without typing. One of the best thing about the app is that you can share the notes you made via email, SMS, twitter, and many more which apps can accept plain text. This voice to text app is one of the best speech to text software in the market.


  • Hands-free speech recognition
  • Password protected notes
  • Accepts plain text from other apps
  • Password locked records are encrypted beyond the first 20 characters
  • When you delete any note, it will moved to the trash, so you have a chance to restore them
  • You cann backup of all your notes and stores them encrypted on your SD card

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4. Verbit

Verbit is a smart speech to text service that converts your voice in a textual format. The software aims to offer a smarter speech to text service by using artificial intelligence for transcription and captioning. It is majorly used by establishments like enterprises and educational institutions. Verbit uses algorithms and neural networks to focus on terms and differentiate between speakers regardless of accent, reduce background noise, as well as incorporate contextual events such as company information and news into recordings.


For high accuracy, verbit offers a live version for transcription and captioning. Apart from this, the software also offers a human editor for 100% accuracy. Altogether, while Verbit offers a direct speech to text service, it can be better stated as transcription service. Still, the focus on enterprise and education, as well as team use, means it earns a place here as an option to consider. Verbit is one of the best speech to text software in the market. The software comes with various price plans. Verbit is comparatively cheaper than other speech to text software. The rate for editing 24 cents or even less on occasion for a standard job. Previously, it was around 30 cent. Pay per word works out a lot less than 30 cents per audio minute as well.


  • Comparatively lower cost
  • 99% + accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • Delivers results 10x faster than others
  • Highly customizable

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5. Braina Pro

Braina Pro is the personal virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence. The software recognizes over 100 languages around the world. It can automate various computer tasks like setting a reminder, activating the alarm, play songs and videos, reading an ebook, search a folder in your computer, giving an update on the current event, etc. Braina Pro is compatible with Windows operating system. The software also has its mobile app, so you can work headset free and away from the computer.


In simpler terms Braina Pro is regarded as world’s best speech recognition program that allows you to easily and accurately dictate in over 100 languages of the world, play songs, update social network status, search the web, find information, open programs & websites, and much more. Braina Pro works without the need for any training. It is very easy to use. It can convert most of the languages and can be used by multiple users in real-time without creating or switching any voice profiles. One of the best thing about Braina Pro is that its voice recognition works even in a noisy environment. Braina Pro is also used to recognize custom words, templates and create answers. You can teach technical jargon, uncommon names of people, address, etc. to Braina pro.the software can recognize unusual vocabulary too. No doubt, Braina Pro is one of the best speech to text software.


  • Easy to use
  • Up to 99% accurate
  • Three times faster than typing
  • Simple user interface
  • Go headset free

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The above given is the list for best speech to text software in the market. Every software has their own specialities. These speech to text software made our lives easy and saves much time. I have mentioned some of the best speech to text software. By referring to the above list, you can decide which software meets your requirements perfectly. Use any speech to text software and make your work easy.

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